Marktgemeinde Rabensburg

Hauptstraße 24
2274 Rabensburg

tel: +43 2535 2400
fax: +43 2535 2750

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    in Rabensburg


Rabensburg is situated on the river Thaya in the northeast Weinviertel.
The townhall, which was built in the 17th century, is worth seeing. The church and the castle are also very remarkable. The castle was built around 1200 and the Liechtensteins lived there for a period of time.

In Rabensburg you wil find many leisure activities. The modern swimming pool is well equipped - especially for childern. It has two water-slides, a volleyballground and a large lawn for sunbathing. The local museum is also worth visiting.

Near Rabensburg there are some fascinating tumuli dating from the Bronze-Age. The yearly "Elederberry-festival" is the highlight of the warm season.